Melanie Gonzales

Psychologist (M.Sc.)   


 Therapy approaches:         

Somatic Experiencing

Integral Somatic Psychology



Online Session via Zoom

Face to face session in Munich, Germany

I live and work in Munich, Germany and part-time in Rome, Italy.



MASTER of SCIENCE in PSYCHOLOGY             2019








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...a little more about my journey

After my A-levels I pursued a creative path and studied textile design and design management in the UK. After my degree I worked for several years in a textile company in Munich, Germany. My work was varied, but also very demanding and took a lot of personal commitment and life energy. I started questioning the purpose of my job and realized I want to do something more meaningful, where I can actively help others and make a difference. 

As I was always good at intuitively feeling others and always being quite passionate about psychology, I decided to start completely afresh, so I quit my job and started studying psychology. 

During my psychology education I realized that I see classic psychotherapy approaches such as psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy serve as a good psychotherapy basis. However I felt more of a pull towards a holistic approach in my work.

Especially through my work experiences in the psychosomatic department, it became evident to me, that the focus of most psychotherapies lies on cognition, thoughts and the mental subconscious and less on the body and its sensations. However the thing is: we mostly know the cause of our problems, we know their effects, and in theory we know how to change them. However, often when we solve our problems on a cognitive, analytical level we can still feel stuck in a state, mindset or emotion. Therefore I feel it is essential and crucial to actively integrate the body into the therapeutic process. 

This realization stirred my interest for body-orientated therapy approaches and through a friend I was introduced to Somatic Experiencing. As the theory of Somatic Experiencing is based on the physiological body response to stress, it actively aims to release traumatic stress on a psychological as well as biological level and consequently helping to deal with diverse psychological and physical symptoms.

Since working with Somatic Experiencing I am completely convinced and passionate about its positive effects as it represents a very intuitive approach to work with any kind of psychological condition. Additionally I am also training in Integral Somatic Psychology, a theory connected to SE, which helps dealing with strong emotions. I feel that this approach is essential and extremely beneficial when working with any kind of trauma.

Generally I feel that somatic therapies signify the logical progression of the classic psychotherapy approaches and I strongly believe they represent the future psychotherapy. Therefore I am happy I didn’t pursue the traditional part of psychotherapy education but decided to go towards a more unknown direction. 

... and I am very excited if I can help and support you on your journey!