Welcome to 'The Somatic Psychologist'

My name is Melanie Gonzales and I am a psychologist & trauma therapist focusing on somatic therapies, such as Somatic Experiencing and Integral Somatic Psychology. 

I work with a variety of health conditions, from stress to burnout to depression, anxietyrelationship problems, abandonment trauma, psychosomatic and chronic pain, and more. 

I would describe myself as an open, compassionate and empathic person, and these qualities define my psychological work

It is my personal goal to give you the space, to authentically open up and and discuss your issues. So whatever comes up, can be acknowledged, transformed and healed so energy flows better and new strength and confidence in oneself is found.

The focus of my work is to ensure the client’s personal growth and empowerment is put front and centre. I want to encourage growth in the client’s sense of action control, and subsequently help with the client’s personal self-responsibility and autonomy. I want the client to “feel good” again in themselves and their body, to promote a balanced sense of self, body, and mind.

I would be very happy to welcome you for a session!

These are the main areas of my work



What is Somatic Experiencing? How does Somatic Experiencing work?

Somatic Experience (=SE) is a therapy approach by Peter Levine to release traumatic stress. It is based on the physiological reaction of fight, flight or freeze when confronted with danger, stress or threat to survival.

SE assumes that the energy created to react in these traumatic events wasn’t entirely processed and completed, but instead is stuck in the central nervous system.

Research confirms, that trauma affects internal awareness or interception, which in turn influences the sense of self and cognition, meaning all mental processes such as thinking, perception and decision-making processes

As a result trauma can manifest itself in various psychological physical symptoms, consequently affecting a person’s whole sense of self, their bevaiour, their thoughts and their bodily awareness. 

During an SE Session these traumatic experiences are looked at whilst focusing on body sensations and emotions, so the once activated energy is completed, released and reorganized. 


When can SE be applied? 

SE can be applied to any type of traumatic, emotional distressing situation, which has not been completely processed and has consequent psychological and somatic symptoms. These can include:

  • stress
  • anxiety and panic disorder
  • depression
  • schock trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD 
  • attachment trauma, attachment issues in general
  • relationship problems
  • grief, pain of separation and other types of intense emotional distress
  • Chronic pain 
  • Physical symptoms related to abuse, PTSD, trauma and other emotional distressing situations  
  • Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus etc.
  • Syndromes such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia etc.
  • sleep problems
  • ASD and ADHD
  • accidents and falls


Integral Somatic Psychology (=ISP), by Dr. Raja Selvam, is a somatic psychology approach where the capacity is developed to better handle strong, overpowering emotions.

Through his ‘Embodiment of emotions’ approach, difficult emotions are made more tolerable and better regulated. Psychological and physiological symptoms subside and energy flow is increased. 

Overall ISP shortens therapy times and improves physiological, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational and spiritual outcomes.

ISP can be applied to various therapies, especially somatic therapy approaches, such as Somatic Experiencing. 



Another emphasis of my work is the release of limiting self-belief and thought patterns. 

Self-beliefs, or conscious and subconscious assumptions of oneself and the world around them, are shaped by an individuals’s upbringing and life experiences. These can influence our complete sense of self, our behavior and decisions that we make.

Through bodily work and individual affirmations, we will create new self-beliefs as resource.

Online Zoom Session


Online Zoom Session

A 60min online session via Zoom. In my sessions I primarily work with somatic therapy approaches, however it can also include regular talk therapy.
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Emergency Session

Get a session within 48h of your request

Emergeny session

An emergency zoom session within 48h of your request.
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Face to Face Session


Face to Face Session

A 60 min session in my practice in Munich, Germany. In my sessions I primarily work with somatic therapy approaches, however it can also include regular talk therapy.
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Short Face to Face Session

40 min

Short Face to Face Session

A 40 min session in my practice in Munich, Germany. In this brief session, we can get to know each other. We can discuss your reason/s for seeking therapy and if and how my therapy approach might be beneficial. It will also include a short therapy unit.
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